Loan process

Step 1. Application — We have 3 convenient ways to apply:

•  Online by clicking the “Apply Now” button on the upper right hand of this screen. This is a secure application and only takes about ten minutes. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to call us.

•  Over the phone by calling our office at (941) 960-1274 or (941) 205-2500. Please have gross income and estimated balances for bank accounts readily available. Also, 2 years employment & residential history.

•  Lastly, in person by stopping by our Punta Gorda or Sarasota location. Sarasota By appointment only.

Step 2. Pre-approval 

•   After you have submitted your application, a Loan Originator will contact you for review and then guide you in selecting the best loan program to meet your goals. We will then pull your credit. Based on these scores and your preliminary financial reporting, we will issue you a Pre-Approval Letter. Once you find the perfect house, this will be submitted with your offer.

•   You will then start to gather & provide us with all your required financial documentation that is needed to submit your file for conditional approval. We will be sending you a required documentation list via email.

•   Our Processor will assist you in obtaining this documentation or be available for any questions.

Step 3. Loan Submission

•.  Once the offer is accepted your loan package will be sent to you for signatures. All documents are then submitted to underwriting for approval.

•.  After reviewing your documentation, we then send to underwriting for approval. After our processor submits to underwriting the approval generally takes 3-4 business days.

Step 4. Conditional Approval 

•.  A conditional approval is issued and we may need to contact you for any additional documentation needed to fulfill the final conditions if required.

Step 5. Final Approval

•.  Our closing department reviews all the materials for settlement and sends them to the title company with a clear to close. Your loan will be scheduled to close at your local title company or law firm.

•.  Purchase complete and together we will welcome you home.


Step 6. Closing

•.  A title company prepares the documents. You review and sign all of them to finalize the transaction. Welcome home!

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